About Us

About Us

We specialize particularly in remodeling, new construction, and restoration, with over 15 years of experience in project management, roofing, new construction, home remodeling, commercial remodeling, and various other projects. Depending on what type of need there is out there, Flores Painting & General Contractor LLC has the professional people and services that you need, whether you want to build a new outdoor living space, restore your house to its former state after some damage, or simply that you have bigger plans of expansion for a piece of property you already own.

The trained professionals at Flores Painting & General Contractor LLC in Webster, Texas have the experience and knowledge to handle your job. No matter how large or small your project, our fully licensed and contractors provides a variety of service, including interior and exterior drywall, residential and commercial painting, and renovation.

Quality Control

Everything from the quality of the materials used with a home repair project to the level of craftsmanship and attention to detail of the contractors will play an important role in the outcome of the project.

At Flores Painting & General Contractor LLC, we will work with you to select quality materials that are affordable for your budget, and we can advise you about the best materials that may be suitable for different aspects of the project. With our experience in painting, roofing and many other aspects of remodeling and construction, rest assured that we have the skills and techniques to ensure excellent results.


Flores Painting & General Contractor LLC is the general service contractor you can trust to deliver impressive results for your next construction, remodel or repair project. Whether you need assistance with a residential or commercial project, you may be looking for a general contractor that you can trust to deliver incredible results.

Everything from the overall experience of working with the contractor and their ability to stick to a budget to the quality of the finished result is important, and the contracting company that you select will play a role in each of these points. When you take a closer look at what our skilled team at Flores Painting & General Contractor LLC has to offer, you will see why we are the only contractor you need to hire for all of your current and future projects.


Over the years, we have satisfied our clients with the successful completion of both larger and smaller projects on residential and commercial properties. You may have a small office remodeling project in mind or a much larger restoration project that you need help with.

We can complete a painting project in one room of your home or we can replace the entire roof on your apartment complex. There is no project that our skilled contractors cannot handle.

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